Office Bearers 2020-21

President: Nigel Thompson

Secretary: Warwick Robinson

Treasurer: Joan Chamberlain

Board:        Gabriele Forlani, Vicki Walker, Clay Beveridge and Gerald Carr

A Board meeting is held on the second Monday of every month starting at 7.30pm. If club members have any new business for the Board they can either speak to a board member directly or submit their suggestion in writing via email or in person to the club office. You may be invited to a meeting to discuss your ideas.

The Annual General Meeting is held in July each year. Members will be notified well in advance and are encouraged to attend.                                   

The Northern Gateway Bowls Region Board meets every two months. These meetings are attended by at least one representative from the club.

Other roles within the club are listed below. If you would like to volunteer to fill a vacant position please contact a board member to discuss the key responsibilities and requirements.                                                                 


Bar Manager: Colin Reed

BowledOver Editor: Norm Draper

Club Championships Manager: Nigel Thompson

Coach: Nigel Thompson

Functions Manager: Vicky Walker

Gardens: Derek Jarvis, Michael Bialczak, Carmen Ritter

Grants officer: Don Leale

Greens Director: George Pater

Handbook Manager: Albert Considine

Mayoral Tournament Organiser: Nigel Thompson, Manuel Flores,  Robin Stoddart

Umpire: Nigel Thompson

Measurers: Manuel Flores, Gabriele Forlani

Membership Development Manager: vacant

Pennant Selection Committee: Nigel Thompson, Manuel Flores,  Robin Stoddart

Players’ Advocate:Gabriele Forlani

Social Manager: vacant

Sponsorship Manager:  Don Leale

Uniform Manager: Margaret Clark

Webmaster: Warwick Robinson

Works Manager: Manny Flores